• About

    • Beginning with Tilley’s Plumbing Service in 1958 and operating as Aquacure since 1988; our family run business has always had precise goals: providing reliable service and unmatched workmanship.

      A defining trait of our wide range of successful projects has always been that we’ll never cut corners when it comes to quality. This philosophy has helped us provide solutions that work more reliably for longer.

      Aquacure has proven over the years that size is no hindrance to quality. We’ve made our reputation by putting together projects large and small for clients that never fail to impress. We stand behind the systems we install, providing exceptional after sales service and maintenance no matter what situation may arise.

      Focused on Quality

      Our water treatment systems are 100% manufactured in Australia from the very best materials. We’ve gone the extra mile to source components locally and from around the world which we know will provide the best reliability and performance.

      • Connected. 60+ years is a long time to make friends, and we are proud of the connections we have forged within the industry during this time. We have built relationships with Australia’s leading component wholesalers and a broad range of customers. These relationships transcend normal ‘business’ relationships: our suppliers and our clients alike are our trusted partners.

      • We work closely with hydraulic consultants to develop the best treatment systems in the industry; MRP Hydraulic Consultants, SPP Group, Stantec, Aurecon, Platinum Hydraulic Design, and Norman Disney Young are just some of the expert firms we’ve worked with. We have also liaised with many hospitals throughout South East Queensland to provide the cleanest water possible to this crucial public service.

      • We are long-standing members of the Australian Water Association (AWA), and in 2018 we celebrated 55 years of membership with the Master Plumbers’ Association Queensland (MPAQ).

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    Understanding is the key to success. Feel free to explore our website to answer any questions you might have. If you’d like to talk to an expert directly, please don’t hesitate to call on 07 3277 6696, or visit our contact us page to send us an email enquiry and we will be in touch shortly.