• Reverse Osmosis

    • Aquacure has been installing water treatment systems, including RO machines for both CSSD and Endoscopy units in Australia for over 33 years. Their Reverse Osmosis (RO) commercial and industrial systems are custom built to meet the specific needs of each individual project and their placement requirements. For any Reverse Osmosis system, Aquacure can directly handle system design, system build and supply, installation and commissioning, maintenance and ongoing service.

      In this article, Aquacure Water Treatment Director Christopher Hall discusses the importance of selecting the right water treatment process for each use and why a suitably experienced water treatment specialist should be engaged to provide the best, site-specific solution, based on achieving the best long-term performance in the clinic and reliable compliance with the relevant Standards.

      With all of the systems, Aquacure considers the complete solution, including appropriate pre-treatment, for optimum system performance and best life-cycle cost and performance outcomes. Aquacure has the in-house capabilities to meet a wide variety of RO requirements.

    • Christopher had the time and patience to talk through and answer my questions, I hadn’t engaged with the company previously and did not have any intentions of engaging them at this time, his willingness to help impressed me as we were a relatively new business in the marketplace.

      Over the months our order book grew and at a critical point in the business, we needed a very quick solution to an under-performing Reverse Osmosis plant that was installed in our facility.

      Christopher and his team met us on site and created a solution in-house from design to manufacture and install.

      The installation was completed with the can-do attitude that I wish more companies I deal with had.

      The entire team is a pleasure to work with and professionalism is their shining attribute.

      I would highly recommend Aquacure.

      Ritchie Zealand
      Service Delivery Manager
      Q-bital Healthcare Solutions Pty Ltd