• Iron Removal

    • Aquacure Iron Removal Systems are custom built, application specific water treatment systems for the reduction of iron and manganese in water. Many Iron Removal Systems include an Aquacure DMI Filter loaded with a DMI-65 media plus an integrated in-line chlorine dosing system.  


      DMI-65 is an advanced oxidation water filtration media. This media, when part of an appropriately designed complete water treatment plant, is suited for production of filtrate with iron and magnesium levels that comply with Australian drinking standards–or better. DM-65 can also remove arsenic, aluminium and hydrogen sulphide under certain conditions. This can be an efficient and effective approach for removal of high levels of iron and manganese from many source waters.

      As water chemistry can vary widely from site to site or bore to bore, each system is tailor made to suit the needs of each individual water treatment application in order to ensure appropriate outcomes and the best long-term system performance.