• Healthcare & Medical

    • Aquacure has forged extensive partnerships within the medical industry, supplying water treatment solutions that meet and exceed even the most stringent requirements. Healthcare in Queensland has suffered some high profile bacterial outbreaks in recent years. As a result, the Government introduced the Public Health (Water Risk Management) Amendment Bill 2016. Hospitals are now required to develop robust water risk management plans.

      Aquacure’s involvement has gone a long way towards helping solve such situations.

      Our experience in the healthcare and medical field has seen us collaborate with numerous hospitals throughout South East Queensland. We are able to provide the best water treatment systems to ensure Queensland’s hospital’s are able to meet compliance requirements.

      We provide our clients with up-to-date custom systems to suit each specific site, and a complete solution including investigation, designing, building, installation and service to prevent and eliminate Legionella and other microbial risks in the water for your hospital, aged care facility or clinic. Our goal is to help mitigate against all relevant risks, ultimately ensuring you water risk management plans are compliant and your patients are protected from waterborne nosocomial infections.

      High performance, high purity water treatment plants – often including Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems – are suitable for Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSD). Reusable Medical Device (RMD) reprocessing requires the pure water that specialist RO based systems can produce. Aquacure offers a range of RO systems, including commercial, light commercial, residential, as well as technically superior, custom built plants designed specifically for this demanding application. RO can also be used in some cases for the Endoscopy Department, where pure water, free of microbial contamination, is fundamental.

      Another application requiring specialist water treatment solutions is haemodialysis. We take pride in our long running connection to a number of Queensland’s dialysis clinics, and our custom solutions for home dialysis patients throughout this region. Water treatment for dialysis often includes water softeners, carbon filters, microfiltration, ultraviolet sterilisers and reverse osmosis units. Aquacure has a range of products across all these categories, and a strong track record building robust custom water treatment solutions which perform to the exacting standards you would expect when control of patient risk is a top priority.