• Laboratories

    • The quality of water is vital in laboratories. To produce the best quality water for a laboratory, the water should be demineralised, and, in some cases, sterile. Demineralised water is completely free of dissolved minerals. When conducting tests and experiments in a laboratory, the results will be as accurate as possible, as there are no minerals in the water which could alter the outcome of the test.

      Aquacure has the solution. The Labmate Compact Demineraliser is a compact, low cost solution for production of small quantities of demineralised water instantly. There is no need for storage tanks or bottles, and the demineraliser produces no waste water and uses no electricity for water production. This is an ideal product for use in many small laboratories. And there are myriad other solutions for larger labs and more demanding applications. Aquacure’s clients, including high school science labs, commercial testing labs such as Qld Health Forensic & Scientific Services, Symbio Alliance and others, and tertiary teaching and research labs including at the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology, use the Labmate.