• Water Treatment for Legionella and other Microbial Control in Hospital Potable Water Systems with Aquacure

    • Queensland now has stringent water management requirements for hospitals and aged care facilities. The Public Health (Water Risk Management) Amendment Bill 2016 aims to minimise the risk of legionella in potable water reticulation systems. Queensland hospitals, health facilities and public residential aged care facilities are now required to have stringent water risk management plans.    

      Aquacure Water Treatment has a strong history of providing products and systems to the health sector. We have provided comprehensive water treatment solutions for a number of Queensland hospitals to ensure compliance with current and upcoming legislation.

      A number of Queensland Health facilities have already achieved significant success with Legionella and other microbiological control in their potable water systems, thanks to the use of a water treatment plant designed, installed and maintained by Aquacure. Our solutions include filtration, water softening, chlorine (including on-site sodium hypochlorite generators, and more), and chlorine dioxide, as applicable to each, individual site and application.