• Labmate Compact Demineralisers

    • Does your Laboratory produce Demineralised Water efficiently?

      The quality of water is vital in laboratories. Laboratories rely on Demineralised Water for testing reagent preparation and other critical uses. However, not all laboratories are producing Demineralised Water in the most efficient way.

      If you are seeking the most efficient way to produce Demineralised Water, we would like to introduce the Australian made compact instant demineraliser, the Labmate.

    • Benefits for your laboratories and laboratory prep area:

      • Instant : Demineralised Water, on tap! – Instantly produced from mains water source
      • Compact: No storage tank or bottles required. -No need for extra space
      • Fits easily below most work benches. -Keeping workspace clear for other uses
      • No waste : No waste of water, no electricity for water production
      • Consistent: In-built water quality monitor.
      • Easy: Simple operation & low maintenance
      • Cost efficiency: Low running costs
      • Ideal for laboratories
      • Made in Australia
    • Perfect for your High School Laboratories and Laboratory Prep Area.

      As it is a perfect fit for school science laboratories, many Australian High school laboratories are already successfully using the Labmate for improved demineralised water production efficiency.

      If you are seeking a simple, safe, cost effective solution for your high school science laboratory, the Labmate will be perfect for your laboratories and laboratory prep area.

    • Many Australian Laboratories are successfully using the Labmate

      The Labmate offers high quality demineralised water with consistent purity levels. The advanced technology used in the Labmate guarantees superior performance across multiple industries.

      We have installed the Labmate in many high schools throughout Australia. Pictured below is a recent installation in a science teachers’ preparation station.

      The Labmate is a powerful, efficient and reliable solution for demineralising water. This compact unit can remove a wide range of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, fluoride and other dissolved ions which are typically present in tap water.

      To find out more about the Labmate, Contact our friendly team today.

      Further information about the Labmate: Download the brochure here.